Kim K. Thompson

A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, Kim Thompson is a trial lawyer who excels in fast paced litigation and arbitration.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Thompson was a principal in the commercial litigation firm of Ching & Thompson. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Thompson was successful in winning a hotly contested aviation disaster case which involved ground breaking issues of insurance law. An experienced negotiator and litigator, he has successfully handled numerous high-stakes business disputes. An award winning forensic speaker, Captain and Team Leader of his college debate team, Mr. Thompson thrives on persuasive advocacy. Among his notable achievements was winning, and collecting in full with interest and penalties, what the firm believes to have been the largest award of lost profits in a California commercial arbitration up to that time.

Mr. Thompson also brings a wealth of experience to the firm in business management and consultation. While still a college student, he managed a national wholesale company based in Northern California. Following the completion of his degree, Mr. Thompson became a Vice-President of California Craftsman, Inc.

In 1989, Mr. Thompson joined the firm of Shearson, Lehman, Hutton as a financial consultant. He specialized in equity trades and research of companies with less than $60MM in gross sales. Mr. Thompson received the highest Series Seven score for all Shearson brokers in his class nationwide.

Mr. Thompson is also active in the field of technology. He is a bio-technology entrepreneur and the founder of a successful company which develops protein expression platforms.

As a former business executive and advisor, Mr. Thompson brings a unique perspective to the practice of law. The firm believes his extensive business background enables him to create practical solutions to business difficulties, see through the chaff, and seize opportunities to win cases. He works almost exclusively for corporate clients, both as defense and plaintiff's counsel in civil litigation and private arbitration.

In 1994, Mr. Thompson received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan. He received his B.A. in applied economics from James Madison College at Michigan State University.

Kim Thompson's work focuses on advocacy in complex commercial litigation and arbitration. His successes include multi-million dollar awards and verdicts for both corporate claimants and corporate defendants.